Creative Director & Photographer.

Madrid (Spain).


He has a degree in Advertising and Public Relations from Complutense University Madrid. He is a Creative Director and photographer. He has over 16 years of experience in creativity, communication and marketing in different multinational advertising agencies and member of the Creatives Club of Spain [CdeC] since 2004.

He was a film critic on the first online newspaper in Spain and has directed two short films and several live cultural events. He published a photobook called “Everything will be ok” that won several international awards and is currently sold out.

He currently lives and works in Madrid and combines his work as Creative Director at Havas advertising agency with his personal projects in documentary photography.

He has helped several clients to increase their sales, create meaningful brands and connect emotionally with audiences.

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Havas Worldwide. September 2014 – Present.

Ogilvy & Mather. June 2011 – September 2014 (3 years 4 months).

Contrapunto / BBDO. 2005 – June 2011 (6 years).

Scholz & Friends. 2003 – 2005 (2 years).


Peugeot, Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Peugeot, Reckitt Benckiser, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, 3M, Milka, Toys R’ us, Gillette, International Amnesty, Barclays Bank, Santander Bank, Canal+, El País, Iberdrola, ONCE, Ron Brugal, Canal de Isabel II, Ferrero, Puleva, Central Lechera Asturiana...



Social media, creative strategy, film, copywriting, photography, Photoshop, digital marketing, online advertising, mobile marketing, integrated marketing, interactive advertising, video editing, concept development, multiplatform content, branded content, virtual reality, trans-media storytelling.



selected works


"Nobody will believe you" for Smart / Mercedes-Benz was one of the first viral campaigns in Spain. It was aired in 2006 and collected more than 11.6 million views. It was composed by these 3 viral videos:


"The Bottle Music Machine Project" was an integrated campaign. Here is the case study. If you are interested in it, you can see the whole campaign by clicking here.



Awards and nominations:

  • 2015. "Everything will be ok" selected as one of the Best Books of the Year by PhotoEspaña.

  • 2014. "Everything will be ok" selected as one of the Best Books of 2014 by Photo-eye.

  • 2014. Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards. Selected.

  • 2014. "Everything will be ok" selected at Fotobook Festival Dummy Award.

  • 2013. “Everything will be ok” selected by Folha de S. Paulo as one of the best photobooks of the year.

  • 2013. Honorable Mention at Best Ibero-American Photobook Award by RM.

  • 2011. Voies Off Arles. Selected.

  • 2011. Honorable Mention at New York Photo Festival.

  • 2010. Descubrimientos PhotoEspaña. Selected.

  • 2009. Nominated three times at the New York Photo Festival.

  • 2009. Deeper perspective finalist at International Photography Awards (Lucie Awards).

  • 2009. Finalist at Vice Magazine + Ctrl. Alt. Shift Award.

  • 2008. International meeting of Photojournalism City of Gijón. Scolarship.

  • 2008. First Prize at INJUVE Human Rights Awards.


  • 2015. PhotoEspaña. Ivorypress. Madrid (Spain).

  • 2013. Le Photobook Fest. Paris (France).

  • 2013. IvoryPress Bookstore / Photobook Club. Madrid (Spain).

  • 2011. Photographic Centre Peri. Turku (Finland)

  • 2011. Museum of Fine Arts. Valencia (Spain)

  • 2011. BlankPaper Space. Madrid (Spain).

  • 2010. Imaginaria Festival. Castellón (Spain).

  • 2009. TAOFS Gallery. San Diego, California (USA).

  • 2009. AOP (Asociation of Photographers) Gallery. London (UK).

  • 2009. New York Photo Festival. New York (USA).

  • 2009. Capital One Corporate Gallery. Richmond (USA).

  • 2009. Art Space. Richmond, (VA, USA)

  • 2009. Kkien Atelier. Milano (Italy).

  • 2009. Sevilla Foto Festival. Sevilla (Spain).

  • 2008. Santander Bank Financial City Madrid (Spain).

Published Work:

  • Everything will be ok. 2014. Self-pubblished with Cristina De Middel.

  • British Journal of Photography.

  • Photobook Review.

  • Entretempos Magazine

  • PIK Magazine.

  • British Journal of Photography.

  • Burn Magazine.

  • Conscientious.

  • Prison Photography,

  • LPV Magazine.

  • Anuario 02 BlankPaper Escuela. BlankPaper Editions. 2010. Madrid, Spain.

  • Descubrimientos PhotoEspaña. 2010. La Fábrica Editions. Madrid, Spain.

  • Frágiles. 2010. Selfpublished. Madrid, Spain.

  • Encontrados #1. 2010. Selfpublished. Madrid, Spain.

  • Enfoca. Share Editions. 2009. Madrid, Spain.




“Alberto Lizaralde’ s photography is a complex paradox. Lizaralde builds the thesis, redirects us to its antithesis and allows the viewers to reach their own synthesis. There are as many meanings and signifiers as there are viewers observing his images . Alberto Lizaralde presents himself as narrator. Indeed, everything will be ok is a narrative, with a beginning, a denouement and an ending, albeit an open ending, as decided by the artist. His photography is epically and lyrically scattered, with a broken and cinematographic line that bares itself gradually while telling a story that is as personal as it is universal in the humanity it reflects. With great generosity, he gives us the freedom to finish it as we please.”
— Elena Ochoa Foster. Founder and CEO of Ivorypress.


everything will be ok
ISBN 978-84-617-1028-7
Self published.
First edition of 750 copies. September 2014.
Editors: Alberto Lizaralde & Cristina De Middel.
Soft cover with thermochromic ink. 
96 pages. 
55 photographs. 
19 x 25 cm. 
Text: english.

Currently out of stock.

“There are several key elements that are commonly viewed as essential to a great photobook. One of those is sequence, and everything will be ok is all about its taut sequence of fifty-five photographs, in pairs or alone on a page. The design is incredibly simple and without fuss—the only frill is the heat-sensitive cover that responds to the reader’s touch. It is an incredibly effective use of juxtaposition and sequence to tell what is palpably a story of trauma and healing, although the exact nature of the experience is only hinted at with one simple line of text at the end.”
— Lesley A. Martin, Publisher at Aperture Foundation.
“«Everything will be ok» is a curious and affecting book, showing an interest in desire and suffering and their fragmented representations through photography and storytelling. With its taut edit, masterful flourishes in sequencing and modest form, it is easy to see why it was shortlisted for this year’s Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation First Book Award.”
— Tim Clark, Editor-in-Chief and Director of 1000 Words Photography.
“Press your hot little fingers on the matt black cover and it bruises, it is marked. The black turns to white. It’s like charcoal turning to ash, death in its physical form fading into something ethereal and immaterial. That gets you thinking and so do the pictures of tears that run throughout the book. The material becomes immaterial, loss loses its immediacy and the sky is bright with freed spirits. Which is the cover again though on the cover the loss of pain is only temporary granted by human touch, warmth and emotion. And perhaps that’s the same real grief. It only goes away when you touch it.”
— Colin Pantall, writer, photographer and lecturer.
“A book so strong it takes your breath away for a moment. The images get under your skin and you can feel the anxiety yourself. The real strength of this book is the editing and sequencing, which collects these images and gives them logic. The sequence all ends up in fireworks, and then you actually want to go through it again.”
— Sara Skorgan Teigen.



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