Everything will be ok.
A photobook by Alberto Lizaralde published with Cristina De Middel.


Shortlisted for the 2014 Paris Photo - Aperture Foundation ‎PhotoBook Awards.
Included in Photo-eye’s Best Books of 2014. 

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everything will be ok
Alberto Lizaralde. 
ISBN 978-84-617-1028-7
Self published.
First edition of 750 copies. September 2014.
Editors: Alberto Lizaralde & Cristina De Middel.
Soft cover with thermochromic ink. 
96 pages. 
55 photographs. 
19 x 25 cm. 
Text: english.

In life we all go through good times and bad times over and over, tirelessly. I went through one of these cycles and transformed it into this book. It was my story but very well could it be yours.

"everything will be ok" is the chronicle of a magical journey that starts with the emotional collapse that comes after falling into the hole and ends, through a long healing walk, with the assumption that after all, and whatever happens, life is always worth the struggle and it can actually be pretty funny.

Through photographs taken over five years, the book is set up to form as a classical narrative structure in three acts that continuously crosses the line between documentary and imaginary together with the line between the personal and the unfamiliar.

The ink in the book cover, reacts to temperature so it changes color whenever it is touched, leaving the fingerprints of the reader visible for some time. It is, in a way, a living book that mutates and adapts according to the viewer whose warmth and contact heals the darkness.

“There are several key elements that are commonly viewed as essential to a great photobook. One of those is sequence, and everything will be ok is all about its taut sequence of fifty-five photographs, in pairs or alone on a page. The design is incredibly simple and without fuss—the only frill is the heat-sensitive cover that responds to the reader’s touch. It is an incredibly effective use of juxtaposition and sequence to tell what is palpably a story of trauma and healing, although the exact nature of the experience is only hinted at with one simple line of text at the end.”
— Lesley A. Martin, Publisher at Aperture Foundation.
“Everything will be ok is a curious and affecting book, showing an interest in desire and suffering and their fragmented representations through photography and storytelling. With its taut edit, masterful flourishes in sequencing and modest form, it is easy to see why it was shortlisted for this year’s Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation First Book Award.”
— Tim Clark, Editor-in-Chief and Director of 1000 Words Photography.
Press your hot little fingers on the matt black cover and it bruises, it is marked. The black turns to white. It’s like charcoal turning to ash, death in its physical form fading into something ethereal and immaterial. That gets you thinking and so do the pictures of tears that run throughout the book. The material becomes immaterial, loss loses its immediacy and the sky is bright with freed spirits. Which is the cover again though on the cover the loss of pain is only temporary granted by human touch, warmth and emotion. And perhaps that’s the same real grief. It only goes away when you touch it.”
— Colin Pantall, writer, photographer and lecturer.
“A book so strong it takes your breath away for a moment. The images get under your skin and you can feel the anxiety yourself. The real strength of this book is the editing and sequencing, which collects these images and gives them logic. The sequence all ends up in fireworks, and then you actually want to go through it again.”
— Sara Skorgan Teigen.


Signed special edition of 50.
This limited edition includes an unrealesed image exclusive to this special edition (25 x 16,6 cm). Archival inkjet print on Hanemühle paper with a special packaging design. Signed & Numbered. Here you have it:

special edition

The book is sold out, but there are some signed copies available from my personal bookshelf.
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